EGS Spring LAN 2018


We will be hosting our annual Spring LAN and gaming party on Sunday, February 11th from 10am to 10pm. This event will feature assortment of tournaments and events (and a free pizza dinner!) A limited amount of PCs (approx. 60) will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.*

Let us know you’re coming. RSVP to our Facebook Event

*For anyone interested in bringing their own set-up, please note that we have a limited amount of space for extra computers. Said space may not be available until 3pm.

Important Information

Dates: February 11th at 10:00AM to 10:00PM
Where:GOL 2435, GOL 2570


Non-member price: $5
Members price: $3
Tickets can be purchased at the door to the event.

Tournament List

League of Legends
Heroes of the Storm
Super Smash Bros.
Fighting Games Tournaments (Blazblue, Dragon Ball FighterZ)


In addition to prized tournaments, we will be hosting a variety of other events such as speedrun streaming, Overwatch, PlayerUnknown's Battleground, Starwhal, and so much more!




No cheating - Cheaters will be removed from the LAN

Headphones/earbuds must be used at all time, no speakers
PCs will be provided but headphones/earbuds will not. You must bring your own headphones/earbuds.
You may also bring your own peripherals (mouse, keyboard) if you would like, but it is not necessary

Be respectful of equipment that is not yours
If you choose to bring your own PC:
You must bring your own power strip
You must bring your own ethernet cable
No monitors over 30"
Only 1 monitor per person
No daisy chaining power strips
Please be aware that we have a limited amount of space for attendees to bring their PCs and we may not be able to provide such space until 3:00pm