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How to become a Member of EGS

If you want to join us as a member of EGS, the process is simple. At a weekly or any EGS event (including Club Fair) find an e-board member and ask to join. Eboard members will be distingushed by a black polo with an EGS logo. The membership dues are $10 and include many benefits!
This membership lasts for 1 academic year (Fall and Spring semester)

Benefits of being a Member of EGS

Reduced prices on Tickets

As an EGS member you get $5 off all LAN tickets (as well as early entry). All tournaments and events will also be at a reduced price.


All EGS members will get $5 off of T-Shirts.

Member's only Giveaways

A new benefit we are starting this year! Both in-person and online, members can enter themselves into an exclusive giveaway pool to win prizes from our sponsors.

Game Renting

EGS has a large library of games for every platform from X-Box One to Gamecube games. EGS members are able to borrow any game for up to a week! To borrow a game, find any EGS e-board member at a Weekly and ask them. The rules are simple: Games must be returned in the same condition and in the case labeled "EGS" that comes with it. Games must be returned within a week. You may only borrow one game at a time. You may not use the game in a way that conflicts with local, state, federal, or international laws.