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What is a Weekly?

Our EGS Weekly refers to our scheduled game nights every Wednesday at 8pm in the SAU cafeteria. At these events, everyone is welcome to gather together for a few hours to kick back, unwind, and play some video games. You will find multiple televisions and projectors set up with a variety of consoles and games. Every week well will highlight one specfic, often newly released game! Don't feel like paying the extra money to buy it yourself? Come by and play it FOR FREE on us!

What is a LAN?

Bring your own computer to game with us for 24+ hours straight! EGS has 3 LAN parties each year that take place in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Come find a spot at the tables and set-up. We have tournaments through the entirity of the long hours, giveaways, streams, and of course a high-speed gaming network.

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